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about LAUREN

Lauren Messina is a New York based actor and singer. Originally from the faraway land of Buffalo, New York, she took a detour in Ohio for college, studying Theatre at Baldwin Wallace University before coming to the city to carve her niche in. Nowadays, she spends her time in the city writing, boxing at Title Boxing Club, and binge watching Disney+.

















As an actress, she’s graced the screen of Blue Bloods and stays fresh between jobs and auditions by taking On Camera classes with Jackie Debatin and Jason Buyer. She is often seen working on her feature film or asking her therapist if her hair is relatable.



 “You’re the antichrist” -Some Guy on the Street

She’ll never forget her roots though, all the way back to the high school show where she got to wear a Beehive wig. One day, she will wear that wig again. Until that day, find her sitting at her laptop, drinking a latte, oat milk, if you have it.

With all due respect,
Lauren Messina

Lauren is now signed with Central Artists Agency for 2020!
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